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Quora activity for May 2014

Quora is a question-and-answer site. You can view all my contributions here; selected highlights are listed below. I encourage you to check out the other answers submitted for each question, too!


How would you explain to a layperson why cancer has been such a difficult medical problem to solve?

Are cancer cells organisms?

Can you name some practices that cause cancer that people do without knowing?

Is chemotherapy effective in late-stage cancers?

Why is nausea often a side effect of receiving chemotherapy?

Other Scientific Subjects

What non-standard model organisms are currently used in experimental biology?

Should genetic engineering be banned?

Is AIDS a virus or cancer of the human blood?

Do human beings have unique toe prints, similar to unique fingerprints?

Doesn’t a person’s body reject embryonic stem cells from another person?

When will HDAC inhibitors be available for humans?

About Scientific Research and Careers

Writing Grant Applications:¬†How do funders measure their grant’s impact?

What is the most annoying thing people have asked you after you told them your decision to do a Ph.D.?


What are some funny stories you have about your name being mispronounced or misspelled?

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