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  1. (@Internetmeds)

    2014/05/08 at 3:02 am

    Hi Cath:

    How are you?

    I saw your wonderful post about Epigenetics, and cited it, with a source credit on my Healthcare Blog at

    I am starting a wonderful Killer App series of “Google Hangouts” on Stem Cells, Genomics, Nanomedicine, 3dPrinting in Medicine, Big Data and Medical Robotics.

    Would you be interested in hosting either Stem Cells Weekly, or Genomics Weekly?

    You seem qualified by both.

    And you are also qualified by liking beer, and living in the best spot in the world, Vancouver.

    I went to Simon Fraser for a couple of semesters for pre-med

    and loved the hell out of it.

    Love to do a Google Hangout with you to explain further, and answer any questions.

    I see you have a gmail account, so you are part way there.

    Hope you are interested!


    john bennett md
    Owner and Creator
    Miami, Florida


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