Quora activity for March 2014

13 Apr

Quora is a question-and-answer site. You can view all my contributions here; selected highlights are listed below. I encourage you to check out the other answers submitted for each question, too!


What are driver and passenger mutations in the context of cancer cells/genomes?

Why isn’t there more research on why most people never get cancer even if they smoke or are exposed to some other carcinogen?

What is mutational heterogeneity?

Other Scientific Subjects

What is epigenetics, in layman’s terms? (my answer was featured on the official Quora Twitter account!)

DNA: Is the amount and type of information in an individual’s DNA the same on the day they are born as on the day they die?

What is your favourite science book?

About Scientific Research

Academia: Do some professors prefer graduate students who don’t have the same exact research interests as them?

Is there a list of all major scientific research funding bodies?


Why would you live in a country with dark, cold,  wet, or snowy winters when you could live one with warmth and sun all year-round?

Book Recommendations: What is your favourite Canadian book?


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